Minga Skill Building Hub: All-Grain Beer Brewing Workshop (Jan. 24, Guelph, ON)

This workshop will explore the process of all-grain brewing. Beginning with milled grains and water, participants will proceed through all the steps for making a beer completely from scratch. Each participant will brew their own 4 litre batch of beer on equipment that can be found in most home kitchens.

Understanding Beer Ingredients For Beginners (Home Brew Answers)

When you start out making beer it can be daunting with the amount of beer ingredients on offer to know what one, or any of them are going to do to your home brew. There are such a wide varieties of malts, hops and yeast alone that will all add something different to each beer. That’s before you even start experimenting with spices, herbs, fruits and other flavourings.

GTA Brews Winter Warmer 2016 Homebrew Competition

GTA Brews runs seasonal themed competitions for club members to enter their beers for feedback and fun. Each one will have a unique theme and be limited to certain styles on a rotating basis. Club members will be able to compete against each other and vie for that theme category’s crown of that year! These will be AHA-BJCP sanctioned…