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All-Grain Brewing

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) All-Grain Brewing Video Series
• Brew Your Own All-Grain Brewing
• Brewer’s Friend All Grain Brewing Checklist Procedure
• BrewWiki Moving to All Grain
• Fermentarium All-grain brewing: How to batch sparge
• HomeBrewTalk All-grain brewing
• How To Brew By John Palmer Brewing All-Grain Beer
• MoreBeer All Grain Brewing Instructions
• WikiHow How to Brew Beer Using All Grain Method

Beer Styles

• BeerAdvocate Beer Styles
• Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) BJCP Style Guidelines On The Web
• Brewers Association (BA) 2015 Beer Style Guidelines
• Beer Styles

Blogs / Magazines

• Accidentalis Brewing Blog / Reviews / Tutorials
• BeerSmith BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog
• Brew Dudes Homebrewing blog and resource
• Brew Your Own BYO Blogs
• BRÜLOSOPHY exBEERiments, Methods & Recipes
• Embrace The Funk Sour, Funky and Wild Beer
• Eric’s Brewing Blog 
• Homebrew Academy Blog
• Jonny’s Home Brew Adventures Home Brewing Blog
• Meek Brewing Co. Homebrew Blog 
• Homebrewing Blog 
• Sour Beer Blog Sour Beer Blog
• The Mad Fermentationist Homebrewing & Fermentational Experiments (Sour/Bacteria/Brett)


• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Mastering the Art of Bottle Conditioning
• Brew Your Own On the Yeast: Guide to Bottle Conditioning
• How to Brew by John Palmer Priming & Bottling
• Northern Brewer Homebrewing 101: Bottling


• Brew Your Own Comparing & Selecting Hops
• Brew Your Own Troubleshooting Chart
• Brew Your Own Grains and Adjuncts Chart
• Beer Flavor Wheel
• Hops: Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Styles Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Chart
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Styles International Bittering Units (IBU) Chart
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Styles Original Gravity (OG) & Final Gravity (FG) Chart
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Styles SRM Color Chart
• Kegging Slow Force Carbonation Chart (PSI vs Temp)
• Lug Wrench Brewing “Apparent” Bitterness (IBU/OG) Ranges By Beer Style
• Lug Wrench Brewing Fermentation Attenuation Ranges By Yeast Strain (White Labs)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Floculation Rating Ranges by Yeast Strain (White Labs)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Optimal Fermentation Temperature Ranges by Yeast Strain (White Labs)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Alcohol Tolerance Ranges by Yeast Strain (White Labs)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Fermentation Attenuation Ranges By Yeast Strain (Wyeast)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Floculation Rating Ranges by Yeast Strain (Wyeast)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Optimal Fermentation Temperature Ranges by Yeast Strain (Wyeast Labs)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Alpha Acid Ranges by Hop Variety (Hop Union)
• Lug Wrench Brewing Cohumulone Ranges by Hop Variety (Hop Union)
• Mr Malty Yeast Strain Comparison Chart (White Labs/Wyeast) + Strain Sources
• White Labs Ale & Yeast Styles
• White Labs Specialty Ale and Belgian Yeast and Styles
• White Labs Lagers

Cleaning & Sanitizing

• BeerSmith Cleaning and Sanitation for Beer Brewing
• Brew Your Own Cleaning and Sanitation: Homebrew Science
• BRÜLOSOPHY Cleaning Methods
• How to Brew by John Palmer Sanitation
• National Homebrew Cleaning and Sanitising for Brewers

Competition Brewing

• Beer & Brewing 5 Tips for Competition Brewing
• Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) BJCP Competition Handbook
• Beer Judge Certifcation Program (BJCP) Exam Center
• Bertus Brewery Homebrew Competition Tips
• So You Want to be a Beer Judge?
• Drinks.SeriousEats How to Become a Beer Judge

Discussion Forums

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Forum
• BeerAdvocate Homebrewing Forum
• BeerSmith Forum
• Canadian Home Brewers Homebrewing Forums
• HomeBrewTalk Homebrewing Forum
• HomebrewTalk Homebrewing Forum > Canada & International
• Reddit r/homebrewing
• The Brewing Network Forum

DIY Builds

• Brew Your Own Build It Yourself Section
• BRÜLOSOPHY DIY Mash Tun Cooler Conversion
• Homebrew Academy Brutus 10 Build: Step by Step Guide
• HomeBrewTalk DIY Project Forum
• NC Homebrewing Build a DIY Fermentation Chamber

Equipment Reviews

• BRÜLOSOPHY Product Reviews
• Homebrew Finds Reviews

Extract Brewing

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Brewing with Extract
• BeerSmith Malt Extract Beer Brewing
• BeerSmith Steeping Grains for Extract Beer Brewing
• Brew Your Own Extract Brew Day: A Pictorial Guide
• Brew Your Own 10 Steps to Better Extract Brewing
• How to Brew by John Palmer How to Brew
• WikiHow How to Homebrew Malt Extract Beer


• BeerAdvocate Hop Guide
• BeerAdvocate Malt & Adjunct Guide
• BeerSmith Home Brewing Beer Yeasts
• BeerSmith Home Brewing Hop Varieties
• BeerSmith Malt, Grain, Extract Reference
• Brew United BrewUnited’s Grain Database
• Brew United BrewUnited’s Hop Database
• Brew United BrewUnited’s Yeast Database
• Brew Your Own Comparing and Selecting Hops
• Brew Your Own Malts Chart
• Brew Your Own Shelf Life: Storing Your Ingredients
• ProBrewer Hop Varieties
• The Mad Fermentationist Commercial Wild Yeast/Bacteria List


• Americna Homebrewers Association (AHA) An Introduction to Kegging Homebrew
• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) A Bottler’s Guide to Kegging
• BeerSmith How to Keg Homebrew Beer
• BRÜLOSOPHY Kegging Method
• MoreBeer Kegging Homebrew

Online Tools (& Calculators)

• Brew 364 Mash & Sparge Water Calculator
• Brew United Homebrew Dad’s Priming Sugar Calculator
• Brew United Homebrew Dad’s Online Yeast Starter Calculator
• Brew United BrewUnited’s Beer Calorie Calculator
• Brew United BrewUnited’s Gravity/Temperature Correction Tool
• Brew United Homebrew Dad’s Alcohol by Volume Calculator
• Brew United Homebrew Dad’s Dilution and Boiloff Calculator
• Brew Your Own Brewing Recipe Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Brewer’s Friend Complete Beer Recipe Builder
• Brewer’s Freind Alcohol By Volume ABV Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Hydrometer Temperature Adjustment Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend IBU Calculator Beer Bitterness
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Color Calculator SRM
• Brewer’s Friend Dilution and Boil Off Gravity Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Refractometer Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Brix Conversion Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Mash Infusion and Rest Schedule Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend All Grain OG, FG, ABV Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Brewing Water Chemistry Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Brewhouse Efficiency Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Quick Infusion Calculator for Mashing
• Brewer’s Friend Batch Statistics for Extract Base Recipes
• Brewer’s Friend Home Brew Bottling Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Beer Priming Calculator
• Brewer’s Friend Keg Carbonation Calculator
• Bru’n Water Calculator
• EZ Water Calculator EZWaterCalculator 3.0
• Mr Malty Yeast Pitching Rate Calculator
• Tasty Brew Complete Recipe Calculation
• Tasty Brew Gravity and Efficiency Calculator
• Tasty Brew Bitterness Calculator
• Tasty Brew Kegging Carbonation Calculator
• Tasty Brew Bottle Priming Calculator
• Tasty Brew Infusion Calculator
• Tasty Brew Sparge Calculator
• YeastCalculator YeastCalc


• Basic Brewing Basic Brewing Radio
• BeerSmith BeerSmith Podcast
• Brew Talk Online (BrewTO) Podcast
• Experimental Brewing Podcast
• Ontario Craft Brewers Podcast
• The Brewing Network The Session
• The Brewing Network The Sour Hour
• The Brewing Network Dr. Homebrew
• The Brewing Network Brew Strong
• The Brewing Network Brewing with Style
• The Brewing Network Can You Brew It?
• The Brewing Network The Jamil Show
• The Brewing Network The Home Brewed Chef
• Toronto Beer Podcast Toronto Beer Podcast

Recipe Databases

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Homebrew Recipes
• BeerSmith Beer Recipes
• Brewer’s Friend Recipes
• BrewToad Homebrew Beer Recipes
• HomeBrewTalk Recipe Database


• BeerSmith Home Brewing Software
• BrewTarget Beer Software

Tips & Tricks

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) 5 Beginner Homebrewing Tips
• Beer & Brewing 10 Tips for Beginning Homebrewers
• BeerSmith Bottling Beer: 10 Tips for Home Brewers
• BeerSmith Five Tips for Home Brewing All Grain Beers
• BeerSmith Ten Top Tips for Home Brewing Beer
• Brew Your Own 20 Tips for New Brewers
• Popular Mechanics 4 Homebrewing Tips You Won’t Find in the Books
• Uncork Your Mind by Brenton Russel My 30 Tips to Improve Your Homebrew

Video Blogs (Channels)

• Beer Geek Nation Homebrewing How To’s
• BobbyFromNJ Process & Equipment Videos
• BrewingTV Channel
• HomeBrewVideos Channel
• Sight Glass Videos Insights Into Brewing by Chris Schryer
• The Brewing Network Beer Education & Entertainment


• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Understanding Water for Homebrewing
• BeerSmith Brewing Water – Hard or Soft?
• BeerSmith Water Alkalinity and Mash pH for Brewing Beer
• Brew Your Own The Elements of Brewing Water
• Brew Your Own Water: Tips from the Pros
• How to Brew by John Palmer Home Water Treatment
• How to Brew by John Palmer Reading a Water Report
• How to Brew by John Palmer Using Salts for Brewing Water Adjustment
• The Mad Fermentationist Homebrew Water Treatment – A Practical Guide

Yeast (Starters/Washing)

• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) How to Make a Yeast Starter
• American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Yeast Washing & Yeast Rinsing: What’s the Difference?
• Beer Geek Nation Homebrew 101: Making a Yeast Starter
• BeerSmith Making a Yeast Starter for your Home Brew Beer
• BeerSmith Yeast Washing: Reusing your Yeast
• Brew Your Own Harvesting Yeast: Techniques
• Brew Your Own Making a Yeast Starter: Techniques
• Brewer’s Friend Yeast Washing 101
• BRÜLOSOPHY Yeast Harvesting
• BRÜLOSOPHY Yeast Starter Method
• How to Brew by John Palmer Preparing Yeast and Yeast Starters