There are two ways you can advertise with Canada Homebrew Network.

1. Affiliate Advertising

If you are an e-commerce shop please let us know by email if you have an affiliate program for your store. Your store must be beer/homebrewing relevant to the Canadian consumer (meaning your product(s) must be available to ship to Canada). You may either provide us with your own ad or we can design one for you. CHN will determine the placement of affiliate ads on our website pages for best results. By signing up for affiliate advertising your company will also benefit from blog posts and articles related to your store.

2. Purchased Ad Placement

Below you will find our Early Bird rates for ad placements on our website. As this site has just launched (January 2016) we do not have visitor data to reflect our traffic. After sufficient data has been received, the rates will change depending on traffic. The current rates are of great value, so lock in the low pricing now!

Accepted file types: jpg, gifpng. Accepted payment types: PayPal. You have the option to either send a completed ad with the correct dimensions. Or you can send your logo/text and we can provide a design for you.

Email us to get started!

Ad Space Ad Size (Pixels) Monthly Rate 3 Months
Sidebar A 214 W x 220 H $60 $150
Sidebar B 214 W x 220 H $60 $150
“Join a Club” Page 700 W x 100 H $20 $50
“Enter a Competition” Page 700 W x 100 H $20 $50
“Events” Page 700 W x 100 H $20 $50
“Resource Links” Page 700 W x 100 H $20 $50
“Recipes” Page 700 W x 100 H $20 $50
Featured Online Shop – “Homebrew Shop Directory” Page

(2 of 5 Openings Available for February)

(Logo) Approx.:
180 W x 160 H
$40 $100