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The purpose of this website is to:

• Promote the growth of homebrewing in Canada.

• Give new homebrewers a starting point to find shops (equipment & ingredients), clubs (learning & knowledge from experienced brewers), competitions (receive feedback to improve your beer) & resources (links to how-to articles & videos).

• Act as a one-stop resource that can direct any beginner or advanced brewer to find any brewing related help they’re searching for (links to articles, discussion forums & clubs).

• Allow brewers to keep up to date about newly available products and ingredients.

• Help the Canadian brewer stay current with daily coverage of homebrewing news, updates, links, tips, articles & product promotions via our homepage blog.


• Do you have a suggestion for an improvement to our site?

• What other features would you like to see implemented? Discussion forum? Product reviews? Let us know!

All questions, inquiries and comments can be sent by email to: canadahomebrewnetwork@gmail.com


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