Minga Skill Building Hub: All-Grain Beer Brewing Workshop (Jan. 24, Guelph, ON)


Join us for a steamy, fragrant morning of mashing grains, boiling worts and hops, and delightful aromas—all in the name of making many people’s favourite beverage, beer! 

This workshop will explore the process of all-grain brewing.  Beginning with milled grains and water, participants will proceed through all the steps for making a beer completely from scratch.  Each participant will brew their own 4 litre batch of beer on equipment that can be found in most home kitchens. 

But why make your own beer?  For some people it’s simply a desire to be able to make yet another food at home (after all, beer is known as liquid bread!).  For others the motivation is cost-related; good craft beer is pricey, whereas good homebrewed beer can be as cheap as $0.50 a bottle (and sometimes cheaper!).  Or maybe it’s the desire to understand and better appreciate all that goes into a wonderful glass of well-crafted beer.  For many people in the past (and hopefully never in the future) the only way to enjoy beer was to make it yourself!  Whatever the reason, this workshop will focus on giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to go home and start brewing.

If you have been curious about making your own beer but haven’t taken the plunge this workshop will be great for you.  Participants will have their choice of two different beers to brew, going through the process of mashing the grains to extract their sugars and flavours, lautering and sparging to rinse the grains, boiling the sweet wort, a 1-hour boil, multiple additions of hops, chilling of the wort, and pitching of the yeast.  Participants will take their wort home to ferment into beer prior to bottling, but the process for bottling will be demonstrated and practiced in the workshop. 

All throughout the workshop participants will have time to ask questions and also learn about how they can create their own recipes from scratch and what they can do to recreate some of their favourite styles at home.

Visit Minga Skill Building Hub for all details, cost and location of this workshop.