Understanding Beer Ingredients For Beginners (Home Brew Answers)


When you start out making beer it can be daunting with the amount of beer ingredients on offer to know what one, or any of them are going to do to your home brew. There are such a wide varieties of malts, hops and yeast alone that will all add something different to each beer. That’s before you even start experimenting with spices, herbs, fruits and other flavourings.

You can take the time to research what a particular malt for example tastes like and the flavour it will contribute. That is a starting point to give you an idea but it really doesn’t do justice to how flavours work in a beer. The only way around this in my book is to experiment and start using them.

If you have only brewed once or twice or maybe never then doing something like what I am about to tell you will give you a good understanding of brewing ingredients as well as a myriad of different recipes to try. Also if you brew all grain you can do the same thing and really get a feel for your hops and malts.

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