The Secrets to Better Beer Foam (AHA)


There’s nothing like the look of a creamy head on a homebrewed stout or the lacing on a glass after finishing a Belgian ale.  But beer foam isn’t just about appearance. The bubbles from your beer impact carbonation level, aroma, flavor and body.

Beer foam is a complicated and far from understood phenomenon. So, what is foam? In short, foam is a dispersion of a relatively large amount of gas in a relatively small amount of liquid. It doesn’t happen spontaneously—it requires some energy by either agitating the beer (e.g. shaking or stirring) or creating a nucleation site (e.g. scratch on a glass or an engineered device) that allows bubbles to form and rise in the beer, sometimes referred to as “beading.”

So, how can homebrewers improve their beer foam?

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