Snowman Brewing Co. Gluten-Free Beer Recipe Kits


Our Story

Founded somewhere between 2006 and 2012 over a grand period of home brewing, the Snowman Brewing Company is a brewery located across the GTA, and is dedicated to bringing delicious tasting gluten-free craft beer to you. The product of a partnership between Hirsch Goodman and Kevin Snow, Snowman Brewing believes that it’s possible to overcome any obstacle, and we apply this philosophy to all our beers. By turning to new and unusual ingredients and adapting traditional brewing techniques to our production process, our goal is to make sure that our beers can be enjoyed by everyone!

Snowman Brewing Co., located in the Greater Toronto Area, not only is making highly regarded and delicious gluten-free craft beer. But they also make small batch recipe kits available to homebrewers!

Try out their Amber Ale or American IPA. Gluten-Free. Available at the following online Canadian retailers:

Brewer’s Pantry

Canadian Homebrew Supplies

Toronto Brewing

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