Featured Product: Mark’s Keg Washer


Make Better Beer!

Hand crafting beer is a fun and rewarding hobby. The first rule of making better beer is to keep everything that touches the beer clean and sanitized. The Mark II Keg Washer helps to accomplish this task in an easy, efficient, and effective manner. Save Time, Labor, Space and have fun!

The most labor-intensive and time-consuming task in brewing is cleanup. The Mark II Keg Washer allows you have all your containers and hoses clean by the time your brewing task is done.

Many home brewers set aside containers “to be cleaned later.” This discourages getting started on the next batch.

The Mark II Keg Washer should be the first piece of equipment you set up and the last thing you put away on brew day or when you transfer your beer from one container to the next.

When transferring beer from one container to the next, we first use the Mark II Keg Washer to sanitize the container that the beer will be transferred to. Then we clean the container that the beer was transferred from.

Mark’s Keg Washer is a versatile piece of homebrewing equipment. Here at Canada Homebrew Network we own two for busy brew days. One for cleaning and the other for sanitizing. It can be used for carboys, buckets, kegs, small conical fermenters, and even has a bottle rack attachment to clean and sanitize your bottles for bottling day! It really is a time saver to be able to rinse various vessels while at the same time going about your brew day.

Mark’s Keg Washer can be found at these online Canadian retailers:

Canuck Homebrew Supply

Everwood Ave Brew Shop

Short Finger Brewing Co.


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