Will Cleaning Bottles Ever Be Fun? (Home Brew Answers)


It’s not a popular subject, it doesn’t get talked about a lot and it’s most people’s least favourite part about brewing. Bottling beer. I’m going to talk about it anyway. Well cleaning bottles at least.

As with most things in life it’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact when it comes to brewing.

Keeping things clean is probably one of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of homebrewing. Collecting and cleaning bottles for your home brew even more so. Yet it’s so simple if you follow a few simple rules and that’s what we will look at in this article.

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• Canuck Homebrew Supply – Bottle Brush / Powdered Brewery Wash / Bottle Tree / Bottle Rinser

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Another great product, and an alternative to the traditional bottle tree, is the FastRack Drying Rack. It really speeds up the bottling day by keeping your bottles organized. The FastRack is also conveniently stackable!

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