Brew-in-a-Bag Primer for Beginners (HomeBrewTalk)

“Brew -in-a-bag (BIAB) is a full-volume, all-grain brewing process using a single kettle. The appeal of BIAB brewing to me is the great quality beer that you can make using a very simple process. In fact, if you stick with the basics, you could start brewing BIAB without ever brewin
g extract.

So here’s a down and dirty primer to get you started. Below are the items that may be different than what you are using for extract brewing.”

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Equipment You Need To Start Brewing in a Bag

Several online retailers in Canada have complete kits or easy product combinations that can get you started quickly, and at a low cost:


Everwood Ave Brew Shopeverwoodave

This shop carries an Intermediate Brewing Equipment Kit, when combined with a mesh Brew-in-a-Bag,  you’ll have everything you need to get started.


Toronto Brewingtorontobrewing

Combine the Equipment Starter Kit, Mesh Bag & Stainless Kettle and you’re good to go.


Hop Dawgshopdawgs

Or if you plan to brew outside, Hop Dawgs has you covered with a starter kit that’s complete with an outdoor burner.

2 Basic Plus-500x500


When you’ve decided BIAB is the only method for you!

The above kits are great to get started, but if you’ve decided that the brew-in-a-bag method the is the one for you, then you’re going to need a more durable and long lasting mesh bag. You’ll need a custom BIAB from Mashed In!